CORE REACTION KX-100 Paddles & Bag Set

CORE REACTION KX-100 Paddles & Bag Set - CORE Pickleball

CORE REACTION KX-100 Paddles & Bag Set

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【 ADVANCED MULTILAYER FACE TECHNOLOGY 】 Crafted by the innovators at the forefront of today's Pickleball paddle advancements, CORE seamlessly blends cutting-edge paddle technology with comfort, balance, and affordability. The KX-100 introduces a groundbreaking multilayer face that harmonizes the strength of Graphite with the precision of Fiberglass. Trusted and refined by professionals, this revolutionary technology enhances your game, delivering exceptional performance both indoors and outdoors.
【 INNOVATIVE HONEYCOMB CORE 】 Engineered with an exclusive honeycomb core technology, CORE KX-100 Pickleball paddles provide an expansive sweet spot, ensuring consistent speed while effectively absorbing impact and providing a softened feel.
【 FEATHERLIGHT PICKLEBALL PADDLES 】 Weighing in at a mere 7.5 ounces per paddle, these pickleball racquets strike the perfect balance between lightweight and medium weight paddles. Ideal for the emerging generation of Pickleball enthusiasts.
【 PREMIUM ULTRA CUSHION GRIP 】 Featuring a 4.25" grip circumference and 5.25" length, KX0199 Pickleball paddles utilize Extra-Comfort Grip material for the utmost comfort. Engineered to absorb perspiration and impact, this grip minimizes fatigue during extended gameplay, allowing you to play without compromise.
【 COMPLETE CORE PADDLE SET 】 Elevate your Pickleball experience with the ultimate starter set! The K-100 paddles embody the same research and pedigree as all CORE paddles but at a more accessible price point. This set includes 2 KX-100 pickleball paddles and a sturdy carry bag to safeguard your paddles on the go. Experience excellence in every game.

Meets all USA Pickleball Specifications.

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