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Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that you are satisfied with your purchase!  

Our quality guarantee is only valid for 3, 6, and 12 packs that are not discounted more than 10%. If you are all unsatisfied with your purchase, we will refund immediately, no questions asked!

24, 50 and 100 packs are non refundable. 

Shipping is non-refundable.

Paddles are guaranteed for 3 months after purchase.

Nets, Hoppers and Ball Carts are non refundable.

All refund requests (for all products) must be made within 30 days of purchase.

You may be asked to return all of the balls in your order so we can review the "bad" batch you received. If this is required, we will send you a label.

Products discounted more than 10% are not eligible for free return shipping, if requested.

Please email us at for a full refund.

Note: Discounts cannot be combined under any circumstances.