Our Mission

CORE designs premium, durable, USAPA-approved pickleball equipment to enable great experiences for every player, both on and off the court. Our products strike the ideal balance between professional play and pure fun.

Our Story

CORE Pickleball was founded with the mission to change the game from within by making pro-level, high-quality, and crack resistant equipment accessible to everyone.

We believe in making our own moments. That’s why we created the ball we wanted to most play with: a pickleball that plays fast, stays round, and cracks less at an affordable price. Turns out, we weren’t the only ones.

CORE isn’t just a ball, it’s a grassroots community of athletes and enthusiasts coming together to create meaningful experiences through the sport we love. With the belief of friends, players, investors, advisors, and, most importantly, my supportive wife and three crazy children, we’ve grown CORE Pickleball from a one-man start-up to distribution through the world’s largest retailers in less than one year.

Our company was built with passion in the USA. We tested countless prototypes first-hand on our home court until we could confidently deliver you the ideal pickleball experience: a moment to have more fun, play better, and play just One More Game.

Our Values

Values are the difference between making change and making noise—and we’re here to change the game. That’s why we made these values the CORE of everything we do.


Our change starts on the court, not in the boardroom.


We share the love and purpose the sport gives us.


We’re always searching for fresh ways to grow the game.


We believe everyone has the right to a great experience.


Other balls tend to break. Ours hold up.


We believe in treating our community right. Always.

Beyond the Court

We love to give back to the sport that’s given us so much. CORE Pickleball donates equipment to several initiatives, including charitable tournaments, fundraisers, and Tonga’s efforts to expand the sport’s presence throughout the country.

Our Products

CORE designs durable, USAPA-approved pickleballs in the USA in order to enable premium experiences for every player—both on and off the court. Our equipment strikes the ideal balance between fast play, perfect bounce, and pure fun.

Perfect Bounce
Long lasting
Aim with confidence