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CORE Pickleball is not your typical pickleball company. We are committed to helping coaches find the best pickleball equipment to suit their needs and budget.

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CORE Neon Green
# of Balls
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12 Pack
$36.99 $18.49
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$74.99 $37.49
50 Pack
$159.99 $79.49
100 Pack
$239.99 $119.99
# of Balls
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$99.99 $49.99
100 Pack
$149.99 $74.99
# of Balls
Discounted Price
12 Pack
$29.99 $14.99
24 Pack
$54.99 $27.49
50 Pack
$99.99 $49.99
100 Pack
$149.99 $74.99
“They last longer than any other ball that I have ever played with.”

- Chauncey S.

We believe that every coach should have access to the best pickleball equipment available. That's why we have an extensive selection of products and are continuously updating our catalog with the newest technology, innovations, and trends. We also offer personalized service to help coaches find the perfect fit for their game.

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Why do Pickleball Coaches Love CORE?

I used many different brands of PIckleballs. But I’ve found the CORE to last a little longer and always play “true”, meaning that they bounce constantly the same, and sound the same way when you hit them. I’m only going to use this ball when I’m playing.

- Fred P

Looking for an Advantage On the Court?

Pickleball coaches love CORE Pickleball because of its exceptional quality. Its True Bounce technology ensures that balls are consistent and reliable, providing the best playing experience for all levels of pickleball players. Plus, it is USA Pickleball approved, meaning that it meets the highest standards set by the sport's governing body.

Looking for the Best Prices on Pickleball Gear?

At CORE, we understand that pickleball coaches are always looking for the best prices on gear. That’s why they offer unbeatable discounts and free shipping options so that coaches can get the quality pickleball gear they need at a price that fits their budget.

Looking for the Best Ball For Beginners & Advanced Players?

Pickleball coaches love CORE pickleballs for several reasons. The balls’ construction, size, and weight make them perfect for teaching beginners the proper form and technique of pickleball. The unique aerodynamic design helps players learn how to control their shots, allowing them to practice in a more controlled environment. The composition of the ball also helps players practice with accuracy and precision.

“CORE Pickleball is my ball of choice - durable and fun for players of every level”


“For the amount of time I spend on court I need a ball that I can rely on. CORE Pickleball is my ball of choice for all our Signature PB Camps and coaching clinics. I love their high visibility balls that continue to perform week after week. This Pro ball has a true bounce, is durable and fun for players of every level.”

Don't just take our word for it.

See what others have to say about us

Angela H.

CORE Balls

"Our club loves CORE Balls and prefer them to many others we have tried. Like the bounce, they do last a little longer."

Jenna j.

Balls are legit

"Love the CORE balls. They wear well and perform like a tournament ball should. Very happy with my purchase."

Peter Y.

Core outdoor balls

"Compared to Franklins ….. More durable. Feels a little heavier. Speed is comparable with other hard outdoor balls. Colour doesn't fade as much.….. ends up cheaper."

Dianne P.

Our favorite ball

"We’ve tried them all and CORE seems to be the best outdoor all-weather ball. We will be buying in volume from now on"

Kathie H.

Great Pickleball

"Great product. CORE pickleballs work well outdoors despite the wind. The best I’ve used to date."


Much more durable

"Great and much more durable than regular outdoor balls. Super durable even in the colder Alaskan summers."

Brenda V

CORE Pickleballs

Purchased for the first time and play outdoors in Manitoba. Find these balls harder but are great on windy days and the lime Color make them very easy to see. Great balls, will purchase more."

Miss B.

So far, so good!

"I’m a beginner and got these for practice and drilling. I’ve only used them a couple of times and so far, so good! They bounce just as well as other balls. I would recommend them."

Jim P.


“So far it’s the best ball that I’ve played with.”

“They wear well and perform like a tournament ball should. Very happy with my purchase.”


Pickleball coaches love CORE pickleball for a number of reasons. The balls provide excellent spin, bounce, and control due to their construction from high-performance materials. The balls also wear well, which is key for coaches who want to keep their game consistent and avoid having to replace balls frequently.

CORE pickleballs are designed to be used in tournaments, ensuring that the quality and performance meets the standard set forth by the sport.

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"We have been using these balls and find they are wearing very well. The best ball we have used ... so far!"

-Ron F

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