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Premium Pickeballs that stay round, crack way less and play fast.  

✅ BALLS THAT LAST - Play hard and play long with these reinforced outdoor pickleballs. Outlasting the competition you can play more games with fewer balls.
✅ THE PERFECT BOUNCE - Engineered for a consistent bounce game after game. These outdoor pickleballs will give you the confidence to trust your shot.
✅ AIM WITH CONFIDENCE - We used precision drilling to optimize the placement of each hole on the ball. This improves airflow ensuring every shot flies straight and true.
✅ PLAY IN ANY WEATHER - 40 precision drilled holes reduce the impact of wind on your shots. The ball is also weighed for extra wind resistance, making it perfect for outdoor games.
✅ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We always put the customer first at CORE Pickleball. If you don't love our outdoor pickleballs we'll give you back every penny, no questions asked*.

Engineered for Outdoor Play - The first thing we looked into was the placement of the 40 precision drilled holes and the impact of wind resistance on ball flight.

Weight & Material Matters - To further improve wind resistance we began working on the weight and materials of the ball. We tested our balls by playing pickleball outdoors until we found the perfect one.

Naturally Easy to See - Visibility is everything in Pickleball. If you can't see the ball coming how are you supposed to hit it? The vibrant neon green color makes tracking the ball with your eyes easy.

Consistent Bounce Height - If you don't know the bounce height you can't predict where the ball will be. That's why specifically engineered CORE Pickleballs to be consistent shot after shot.

Play Harder for Longer - Everyone knows outdoor pickleballs wear out over time. Our balls don't crack easily and hold their shape better over time, saving you money and letting you play longer.

So what are you waiting for? Order yours today!

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Molly M.
United States United States

Love CORE Pickleballs

I am really enjoying the CORE pickleballs I purchased. They are long lasting and reliable. All of my friends have enjoyed playing either them & some have already purchased them.

Lori Z.
United States United States

Great bounce

Our second purchase of Core balls. Nice hard balls, great bounce, would purchase again.

Brian M.
United States United States

False advertising. 4 balls cracked within 5 minutes

The balls claim to last in any conditions. But cold weather should not be included on that list. Even on a day in the low 40's a ball cracked with in 5 minutes. I was in contact with a customer care person who was willing to send a three back to reimburse me for the 3 that had broken at that point. When I asked whether I would have to still pay for the shipping, the customer service person never responded. Also, the customer care rep pointed out their life-time warranty policy only applies to items which were not bought during a sale. Whenever I have been on the site, they have a sale. So this is an easy way out of their own warranty. To his credit the customer care rep was willing to reimburse me for the balls despite me buying them when they were on sale. Definitely not getting these balls again or recommending them to anyone.

John S.
United States United States

Core ball

Excellent. There is no perfect ball for cold weather , but the Core is the best. The ball is the best all around ball on the market. Never goes out of round.

Dusty C.
United States United States

13 days later – still in the warehouse. Communication is terrible.

This has been an extraordinarily frustrating experience. I ordered a dozen balls and there’s been zero communication. I’ve had to email multiple times to get someone to respond to me, and it took three emails and a Facebook message before anyone would respond – and even then they could not confirm that my order would be shipped. I can see from the tracking number that they are still sitting in a warehouse in New Jersey. I want to like these balls… But the customer service leaves so much to be desired it doesn’t matter how good they are. I placed an order on January 8 and received no communication. I emailed and inquired about the order 10 days later and I got no response. I waited two days and emailed again and I got an email back with no name that just said they would be shipped out. Two days later they still showed as sitting in the warehouse and I emailed again, and the response was “that’s strange I thought they shipped.” When I emailed back with a copy of the tracking number, showing them still in New Jersey, I still got no response. I still have had not a single communication initiated from this company about where my order is until a request for me to review a product that is still in New Jersey 23 days AFTER I placed the order. I’m usually super patient, but this is an epic fail. Not even a response with a real person’s name or a “sorry for the inconvenience.” No offer to credit my account. No offer to return my money and cancel the order. Nothing. I want to support smaller businesses as much as possible and I want a good quality product that’s not part of the behemoth industry… But customer service has to be there.

CORE Pickleball CORE Pickleball Outdoor - Fast and Built to Last | USA Pickleball Approved ReviewCORE Pickleball CORE Pickleball Outdoor - Fast and Built to Last | USA Pickleball Approved Review
Perfect Bounce
Long lasting
Aim with confidence