Pickleball Atlanta: Places to Play

Are you looking for great places to play pickleball in Atlanta? You came to the right place. After thorough research, we concluded that Atlanta has many places to play pickleball, but these 5 stand out:

  • Washington Park
  • McClatchey Park
  • Lenox-Wildwood
  • Chosewood Park
  • Peachtree Hills Park

Keep reading to decide which one is the best for you.

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Washington Park

Location: 1125 Lena St NW, Atlanta, GA 30314


Drop-ins? Yes

Court Rentals? Yes


Washington park is an excellent place to spend some time off playing pickleball. Nevertheless, it offers 6 chalked pickleball courts on a shared tennis court since it is a part of a tennis center. 


Visitors confirm that the park is beautiful and has a family outing atmosphere. Furthermore, it is a great place to learn pickleball since the park is prime for community youth to grow up having an opportunity to play tennis or pickleball. 


The park even has an outdoor gym for adults. It isn't anything fancy. However, there is a playground with non-electric gym machines, like ellipticals and equipment for pull-ups. The court is open for playing from 5–9 PM, Monday to Friday, and 2–5 PM, Saturday and Sunday. 

McClatchey Park

Location: Avery Dr. / Westminister Dr., NE, Atlanta, GA. 30309


Drop-ins? Yes

Court Rentals? Yes


McClatchy Park is modern and great for long walks and outdoor enthusiasts. However, it also has 6 chalked pickleball courts on shared tennis courts. It is open for playing on Tuesday and Friday from 5 PM-Dark, and on Saturday and Sunday, you will need to join this group to see when the court is available. 


People also like to visit McClatchey Park for large group picnics since there is plenty of parking and a pavilion. In addition, the playground is nice, and there is enough space for kids to play. 


Remember, if you drive down, park anywhere on the streets 30+ feet to intersections and not close to drives. People of various ages come to enjoy their time outdoors and spend time playing what they love the most.


Location: 1760 Lenox Rd., NE, Atlanta, GA. 30306


Drop-ins? No

Court Rentals? Yes


Lenox Wildwood park also has tennis courts. These tennis courts also offer pickleball players to come and enjoy their time playing. 


The most popular time of the day to come and play is around 9 AM. Contrary, the smallest number of people come around 6 PM and 7 PM. You can see all the details about booking the court on their website. 


All courts are very clean. In addition, it is a great option for tennis players with no allocation for pickleball. The only downside is that there is only one pickleball court, which utilizes a tennis net. 

Chosewood Park

Location: 401 Nolan St., SE, Atlanta, GA. 30315


Drop-ins? Yes

Court Rentals? No

Chosewood park offers everything from tennis courts, basketball courts, a baseball field, a children's playground, a grilling area, and a pickleball court. The good thing is it is open for 24 hours, and you can come to play anytime you want as long as there is still light. 

Most people come around 10 and 11 AM, and the smallest number of people come at around 8 AM, 3 PM, and 9 PM. Visitors report that it is a nice place to take your family. Also, the trails for walking are just great. Furthermore, it is a very quiet place, and some may even go further and call it creepy. 

The biggest downside of the park is that it only has one pickleball court. However, the fact it is open for 24 hours gives you more chance to come when people aren't there. Unfortunately, there are no lights, so coming in the evenings is not the choice.

Peachtree Hills Park

Location: 308 Peachtree Hills Ave., NE, Atlanta, GA. 30305


Drop-ins? Yes

Court Rentals? Yes


Peachtree Hills Park is a great place to play pickleball. You can come to play pickleball every Tuesday from 9:00–11:00 AM. The pickleball courts are part of the tennis courts. In addition, pickleball courts are painted onto all three tennis courts, meaning there are three courts for playing. 


The open play from 9 AM to 11 AM is free, and you only need to bring your paddle and, as they say on their official website, your enthusiasm for the game. If you can't come for the open play in the morning, you can still come around 4 and 5 PM because the courts are usually free at that time. 


Some people also like to bring their dogs as it is a nice place for playing. Furthermore, the park is an excellent choice for runners or people who enjoy long walks in nature. 

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